Web Portals

More and more companies are opening Internet portals and gateways to their business partners and customers. But even though the Web is established as a key information conduit for business, it is often not optimized. It is common to see portals running on old and inefficient platforms. Many companies simply have too many portals. And there are frequent challenges with usability and data security.

We have the proven disciplines and deep skills in fields such as enterprise content management (ECM) and collaboration to quickly assess and provide solutions.

ASG also brings an unrivalled advantage that cuts cycle times and costs – minus the disconnects and misunderstandings and loss of control common with many outsourcing moves. Our creative experience, established processes and open communication philosophy ensure client satisfaction and top-quality design.

Web site designing is an interactive facet of visual design. Special considerations must be made when designing website pages that will perform to the highest standards of speed, usability and style. eWit has tightly-knit, cross-disciplined team applies lessons of efficiency and shared learning to your web project. It is our belief that exceptional website designing should not be merely showy or sleek. Rather, it should offer an appealing interface that sup-ports functionality and usability.

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