Virender Singh Raghav has a rich experience in the information technology industry in both operational and managerial roles. In his role as CEO, Raghav has responsibility for eWit’s sales and client support services. He is a founding member of the Company. Raghav has played a key role in marketing, strategic planning, and new business development in India as well as overseas for the Company. Raghav did his MBA with Distinction from University Business School, Punjab University, Chandigarh. Raghav has travelled widely. Raghav is responsible for steering the Comapny to an annualized revenue growth rate of more than 30% per annum and achieving domain leadership recognition. He has also been responsible for getting key Customer accounts through his network of wide contacts.



Chief Project Manager

Kumar has more than 8 years of project management experience in the IT industry. Prior to his election as Chief Technical Officer in June 2005, he served as Senior Technical Officer responsible for offshore delivery, as well as key alliances, capacity growth, process initiatives and technology development. He joined eWit at inception in 2003 and has played key leadership roles in building the Company’s delivery platform, spearheading new solutions and championing advanced process initiatives.

Kumar obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from a premier engineering college in Nothern India and his Master of Business Administration degree from the Indian Management Institute.









Sunil Kumar Sisodia

Chief New Technology Initiatives

Sunil is the Chief technical and management advisor to eWit. He has Masters and Bachelors degree in Computers. He served as a Technical Manager in reputed It companies before joining eWit in 2004. He has been responsible for the development of several key products in-house and also through technology transfers from our international partners.

He has taken the company to international reputation in the field of biometrics application. He has presented research papers in several scientific journals. He has over 8 years of expertise in offering windows and web based solutions.





Amit Rana

Chief Technical Advisor

Amit Rana has more than 9 years of operational management experience in the IT industry. Rana is responsible for the project design, architectures, and client relationship management. Previously, Rana served as Senior Executive and General Manager of eWit’s Biometrics Unit with full P&L management responsibility.

Prior to joining eWit in 2002, Rana was involved in implementing Information System’s outsourcing program and also held consulting positions at renowned IT companiesn