eHRIS: Human Resource Information System Components

Placement, Probation, and Transfers

A transfer is usually a lateral move to a vacant position. A transfer within the department may provide an opportunity for an employee to assume different responsibilities and develop new skills. Transfers to other departments may also provide career development by enhancing skills and learning about other functions of the University. A transfer will not normally result in a change in compensation.

When there is a significant business need, division/department heads have the authority to transfer employees from one position to another at the same grade and salary in the same division/department without announcing the vacancy through the posting process. In such cases, the division/department head should discuss the situation and submit a memorandum to the Employment section of the Human Resources Department in advance of the reassignment, indicating the rationale for the change and, if applicable, attaching a Personnel Action Form (PAF) for the employee. In effecting such transfers, the department should attempt to make the most effective use of the employee's skills and abilities and should consider the employee's interest whenever possible.

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