Panic Alarm

Master Controller

The master controller has a two line alphanumeric display that shows the location of the panic alarm emergency. When a panic alarm has been triggered elsewhere in the building, the two line display will change to show the origin of the call and switch on an internal sounder. There is an output to send audio tones to remote speakers.
The master controller will store calls that can be reviewed at the touch of a button. The standard version has a capacity for 50 panic buttons. A wall bracket is available. A separate 12 volt power supply is required. Power supplies with standby battery backup are available.

Wired Wall Mounted Panic Button

The addressable panic button is wired from the 1103 master console using Cat5 cable, wired in a loop with the other panic buttons. Pressing either red button or pulling the integral pull cord (where fitted) will initiate a panic alarm, signalling to the receptionist controller and activating the over door lamp/buzzer (optional). The integral bright red reassurance lamp will also be lit (can be supplied without the lamp for sensitive applications). Low brightness "Find in the dark" illumination is available.

Over Door Lamp / Buzzer

Fitted over doors, the 12 volt low energy LED lamp will illuminate when the panic button is activated. Where local action is needed the optional internal sounder will sound to attract the attention of nearby staff. Available with a white opaque lens with lamp colours in green, red, orange and blue. Bi-colour lamps are also available.
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