eHRIS: Human Resource Information System Components

Manpower Planning

Manpower planning may be defined as strategy for the procurement, development, allocation and utilisation of an enterprise's human resources. One of the functions of personnel management is the procurement of employees in sufficient number. The success of the organisation depends upon the right type of persons placed on the job. It is the responsibility of personnel management to see whether qualified personnel have been placed on the job in sufficient number. This requires planning.

Manpower planning is the planning for manpower resources. Manpower planning ensures adequate supplies, proper quantity and quality, as well as effective utilisation of human resources. Thomas H.Patten defines manpower planning as "the process by which an organisation ensures that it has the right number of people and the right kind of people at the right place at the right time, doing things for which they are economically most useful" In the words of Filppo, "An executive manpower planning programme can be defined as an appraisal of an organisation's ability to perpetuate itself with respect to its management as a determination of measures necessary to provide the essential executive talent."

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